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When Costa Rica Calls

When Costa Rica Calls

A familiar story when it comes to people who have decided to take ownership of their futures and create a life that is lived on their own terms, Matthew Busse found himself to be miserable with the path that he was on.

He was working as a project manager for a large pharmaceutical company and felt trapped. More meetings than he could count, many of which naturally were unproductive, and no real direction. Mind-numbingly boring, as he puts it, with a workweek that drained him and an auto-pilot approach to life that slowly but surely ruined him.

Eventually reaching an unavoidable but expected crossroad, Matthew picked up the book “The 4-hr Workweek” by Tim Ferris*, and things changed. Over the course of the following 9 months, a plan emerged, and his dreams of resetting and trying something new had slowly become a real possibility.

His work contract finished in October of 2018, two months before the lease on his house ended. By this point, though, he was aching to begin his new adventure, and so flew to Costa Rica for a month. At this point, he knew he wanted something new, but he wasn’t sure where he’d end up. Once in Costa Rica, he fell in love with Montezuma, located on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, and just decided to go for it. He went back home, sold all of his stuff, spent a month with family in Wisconsin, and then moved to Costa Rica in January of 2019.

In part, moving was an opportunity for Matthew to spend more time on things that he was passionate about. Now that he lived across a dirt road from a killer surf break, he could spend most of his day outside, which made him infinitely happier. He’d do work on his porch, where he could hear the waves crashing and the sound of the jungle around him. Life change also allowed him to revisit his musical interests. Having played the trombone in a concert band growing up, and eventually moving on to bass guitar and singing in grad school, Costa Rica gave him a chance to get back into music simply because he could. The freedom and variety that the nomadic life comes with suits him well, as he can work whenever he wants while pursuing other interests according to his whims. No day is like the day before, and Matthew feels free to pursue whatever opportunities the universe presents him. He doesn’t know what’s next in store for him, and that’s just perfect.

*Matthew kind of hesitated to recommend the book, as he thinks that Tim Ferris can come across as a bit of a d-bag sometimes, but decided to include it because there’s some really good stuff in there about questioning all of your assumptions about how your life has to be.