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Elodie found herself in the middle of a bombing attack in Paris in 2015, and it changed her life. The confrontation with death was hard on her, as she began to evaluate what she had done up until that point and started thinking about how she’d like to spend the rest of her life, should she be so lucky that she’d get to live it.

Today, Elodie is an established and reputable digital nomad. The faithful night at the Stade de France eventually gave her both clarity and direction, and she’s been on that path ever since.

Read the interview below for interesting tidbits and some seriously inspiring comments.

What inspired you to live as a modern nomad? 
First off, I have always been drawn to the general idea of living a nomadic life. I’ve loved to be on the road for as long as I can remember, constantly moving is an incredible feeling. I can’t stand being stagnant or too comfortable or familiar with my immediate surroundings. Seeing new things, people, and places always inspired me.

What ultimately inspired me was other people. Those who I had seen face their fears and chase after whatever they desired. People who had made difficult but ultimately rewarding changes to their lives. I especially enjoyed seeing people who decided to confidently walk down less traditional paths. Those who decided to live their lives, fully and without making excuses. If they could do, why couldn’t I do the same?

Does living a nomadic life align with your interests and passions?
Yes, absolutely. People fascinate me, and I get to meet a lot of them, from a lot of different backgrounds. Humans are ultimately fantastic beings, capable of so much, both positive and negative.

I am passionate about self-improvement, like NLP, psychology, meditation, and yoga, and how it affects the human psyche. Mental health is important but difficult to understand, yet it says a lot about a person, in my opinion, if they are actively trying to better themselves.

What is the best part of your lifestyle?
Seeing and interacting with the unknown, whether that is a person, language, place, or even a plate of food. Having an open mind and trying to learn from whatever it is, as opposed to questioning or even fearing it. I have put myself in a position to bridge gaps, and I take my responsibilities seriously. I hope that my travels help spread tolerance, making the world a tiny bit better with each trip.

What would you like to say to those people who are curious about living as a digital nomad but don’t really know how to get started or don’t have the courage yet?
You don't know when your life is going to end, could be tomorrow, could be in 50 years. Don’t waste your time. Whatever fills your heart and makes you smile, find ways to do more of that. It’s simple, and that’s where it starts. It doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job today. It could be a seemingly insignificant lifestyle change and baby step today that leads to the life of your dreams tomorrow. But whatever it is, pursue it with purpose, and you’ll light the fire in others in doing so.