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Jordan Carroll had a mix of reasons for pursuing a nomadic lifestyle. He always had an intuitive and longstanding desire to grow and learn through travel, and often spoke about moving abroad “one day”. The idea stuck around in his subconscious, slowly surfacing during times of the year where we reanalyzed his career goals and lifestyle ambitions. He eventually reached a point where his hunger for freedom, both professional and personal, became insatiable. This, when paired with his passion for personal growth, made the nomadic lifestyle very appealing. In exploring this and truly getting out of his comfort zone, all while exposing himself to new cultures and ways of life, would lead to unprecedented growth, he reasoned.

Once the decision was made, how did he manifest it?

Well, it wasn’t easy, and it required a sequence of events to enable Jordan to go from idea to realization. First, he had to quit his corporate sales job of four years, which required him to physically visit with clients and customers, and report to an office. Next, after a turbulent time that included remotely running a small marketing firm and breaking up with his long-term girlfriend, he made the conscious decision to pursue a nomadic lifestyle at all costs, and without making any excuses. He got rid of his apartment, despite having five months left on his lease, thanks to A sign from the universe, he figured. Jordan then got rid of most of his stuff and put the rest with his parents in California. He then got a remote commission-based sales job and embarked on a journey that he is still on. Having now lived in 9 different countries, Jordan has found a way to live the life he truly wanted, and all while maintaining a career (different jobs) and a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

*this interview was initially conducted in 2019 and has since been edited.