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Luca has always felt at home when he travels, a beautiful paradox that helps explain why he has been pursuing a nomadic lifestyle ever since his first travel experience.

While he has managed to build a life for himself that would make many envious, it hasn’t been easy. Many of his friends and family live ordinary lives, as he puts it, and it was initially a rather lonely pursuit. That is until he stumbled upon likeminded people.

In his case, the likeminded people were content creators, and the year was 2017. Since then, Luca has worked diligently to create photos and videos on behalf of brands, agencies, products, and services. The broad range of clients keeps the job interesting, he says, and provides an outlet for his creativity. His skill set, along with an ability to strategize and cover web development, allowed him to create a life lived on the road. 

“For me”, Luca says, “it was really simple. Traveling made me happy, and I wanted to be happy more often. I had tried trading my time for money, by working as an export manager, and it didn’t make me happy. So, I decided to try something else, trading my time for happiness. It may sound silly, and of course, I am still getting paid for my efforts, but it’s less predictable and more uncertain. But, so are my hours. Traveling had always made me happy, so the challenge that I set for myself was to create a life where I could travel and simultaneously earn an income. I’ve done that. Whether I make more or less money is insignificant, how I am spending my time now makes me infinitely happier, so I’m richer.”

Uncertainty to some means freedom to others, and while Luca admits that there are plenty of challenges with being a digital nomad, he also says that he wouldn’t have it any other way. Why? Two big reasons.

1) The Social Opportunities
Not social media, which most minds might wander towards these days when hearing the word social, but actual face-to-face social and cultural interactions. He continues to meet incredible people, from all walks of life. Some become lifelong friends, while others spend 30 seconds interacting but leave an impression that’ll last forever. In particular, Luca has enjoyed meeting people who’ve had vastly different experiences from himself.

2) Inspiring Others
Luca has had many extraordinary experiences thus far, and hope to have many more. Sharing those experiences, and seeing others become inspired to act, in turn, inspires him. There is nothing better than introducing someone to a place, person, or dish, only to see them thoroughly enjoy it. It has motivated him to continue to share his life and his work and pushed him to create meaningful and inspiring content. Whether it’s one person or a thousand, Luca is passionate about creating relevant work that inspires others to act.

Want to see what he is up to next? Check out @Lucahurt on Instagram.