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Creativity on the road

Creativity on the road

Norbert Sari believes that remote working and talent sourcing is the future, and we agree. Check out his comments on the nomadic lifestyle, freelancing, creativity, and travel below.

Why does the world new, more digital nomads?
The “normal” workplace isn’t stimulating enough. It’s draining, bound by inflexible rules, and ancient. There’s a bit of a revolution brewing when it comes to what people expect out of their employer, and digital nomads are certainly a part of that. Remote works allow you to run free, and so does your creativity, and that’s important. New experiences and cultures stimulate you and brings you new ideas and concepts. The worst thing you can do is chain creativity to a cubicle, yet that is the norm.

Can you elaborate on the role that a nomadic lifestyle plays in aiding creativity?
You can’t really schedule creativity, yet you need time to be creative. A brainstorming session at 11 AM on a Tuesday with the marketing team is not the ideal setting for creativity. You need new experiences, people, flavors, and places. You need unpredictability. Time to yourself. There is a lot that goes into stimulating the brain, and an office park doesn’t check many of the boxes. When you meet new people it broadens the mind, widens your perspective and gives you priceless inspiration.

Many people who are looking to pursue a nomadic life are concerned about making money. How have you been able to support yourself on the road through 20 countries in 2 years?   
I’m a self-taught full-stack designer, digital strategist and creative entrepreneur who is running a digital agency that is offering flat-rate design and marketing services. Formerly, I was an EFL teacher a trainer running Business English courses and workshops. Selling know-how online has worked well for me, I collaborate with startups to create a beautiful digital presence and winning products.

What is the best part of being a digital nomad?
I get to combine two of my favorite things, freelancing and traveling. I enjoy it to the point where it sometimes feels too good to be true. Along the same lines, I really enjoy not being bound to a place or a schedule, the freedom that comes with that. Last but not least, and perhaps contrary to popular belief, it’s possible to work in small teams despite working remotely. I know that you guys do that over at the Nation of Nmds, and I do, too. It’s fascinating how easy it is to e-meet people and work together from all corners of the world, I love it.