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Christoffer Persson, a fellow nomad and traveler, shares his favorite destinations after many years on the road and too many passport stamps.

1) Lisbon
Having travelled for years, I now call Lisbon my (temporary) home. The south European lifestyle, combined with great and friendly people, an interesting language, great climate, and an everlasting treasure chest of things to do in and around the city makes this place a big favorite.

2) Tokyo
Visiting this incredible city made me feel like I had traveled to the future, in the best way possible. The cleanliness, the organization, and the digitalization inspired me. Don’t even get me started on the food…

3) Sevilla
This city is breathtakingly beautiful, and unusually authentic. From the stunning architecture to the infectious Spanish culture, this is a place that you’ll never forget. The cherry on top? They’re big on sustainability and have a very healthy lifestyle culture.