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The Blue One

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This handcrafted weekender bag is built to last, using nothing but the best materials and smart storage solutions. Without cutting corners, we’ve taken out the middle man and cost-optimized production, giving you a world class bag for a fraction of the usual cost.



Material and Care




Are you feelin' blue?

You're not alone, as this is our best-seller. The high-quality and durable waxed canvas exterior pairs flawlessly with the genuine, fine leather handles and the perfectly polished details of the well-crafted buttons and travel-friendly zippers. Inside, the bag is lined with a lighter shade of Mediterranean blue and comes with smart storage solutions, including a plethora of compartments built to fit essentials like your laptop, as well as a complimentary portable power bank cellphone charger for a battery bump when you need it most. A modest color scheme for the modern nomad, this is the perfect timeless travel companion. 

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