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Three strangers from three different places and walks of life crossed paths by chance, but bonded over shared ideas and an insatiable hunger for new experiences, and eventually founded the Nation of Nmds together to manifest their love for adventurous living and endless exploration of life and land. This came to fruition in 2018, and the motto was simple; pack your bag, we’re going places.


With roots all over the world, from California to China, we are proud to call Stockholm (Sweden) our collective home. This is where our company is based, and where our products are shipped from, but make no mistake about it – the Nation of Nmds is a way of life more so than a place to live.  


We celebrate the playful ones. The energetic explorers and brave boundary pushers. They are everywhere and nowhere, paving their own paths and drawing their own maps. It’s an ever-growing community of unique individuals who are fueled by curiosity, and proudly waving the same flag. Join us.


Our flag is different; not proof of land ownership or sovereignty, but rather a symbol for our community and a celebration of our shared differences. The stripes are there to honor the seven continents, from Asia to South America, while the star and the globe are meant to be subtle reminders of the beautiful things we share. Again, a way of life more so than a place to live.