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Words from the well-traveled

Words from the well-traveled

Enjoy some travel tips from Luca and Daniela, two seasoned digital nomads from Italy. They have listed some of their favorite places, people, and experiences below. Happy reading!

Favorite countries to have visited and why?
Without hesitation, Vietnam and Malaysia.

We fell in love with Vietnam. It’s a remarkable country, filled with kind and generous people. We felt so welcomed there, and other countries should take note. It may be a poorer country, but there is so much heart, love, sharing, and laughter. We will never forget it and hope to revisit.

Malaysia, on the other hand, is a more developed country, with more established tourism. Here, we learned how to properly eat with our hands, and we devoured some of our favorite meals of all time.

What about your favorite cities?
Chiang Mai (Thailand)
The perfect city for a digital nomad, we think. It was youthful, diverse, cheap, and hard working. There was a buzz about the city, and the street food was excellent, as you could probably guess.

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
Ridiculous traffic jams aside, this is a wonderful city that we thoroughly enjoyed. Friendly people and good food. It’s also a city that is full of contrast, highlighted by its division in districts.

Georgetown (Malaysia)
This city, which is located on Penang Island, is well worth its nomination as a UNESCO world heritage site. The entire city is covered in beautiful street art, and the people who live here have colorful personalities to go with it. Very nice people and a relaxed environment make for a memorable visit.

What is your best traveling memory so far?
In general, our favorite memories are tied to people more so than to places. We have met so many people in so many places, and it always amazes us how wonderful it is to share experiences with people of different backgrounds and perspectives.