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Embracing the unexpected

Embracing the unexpected

Joyce is a unique individual. Why? She has conquered multiple city’s public transportation systems. Moreover, her path to becoming a digital nomad is a bit different when compared to some of the other individuals that we’ve highlighted recently.

See, in Joyce’s case, becoming a digital nomad wasn’t in her plans. But she did want to travel through Europe a bit and had conveniently found a way to get a VISA and health care coverage thanks to a teaching position in Spain. While some would see this as a sign to go, Joyce was more than a little hesitant to leave a career that she had worked hard to build. Thankfully, her current employer allowed her to work remotely while she traveled a bit. That bit ended up being a full year, and the remote-work experience leads to other freelance remote positions. 

Looking back at it now, she knows that she made the right choices. Just a few years ago, Joyce was desperately trying to prove her worth by working long hours while living paycheck to paycheck. She felt stuck, overworked, uninspired, and tired. 

While being a modern nomad was never something that she considered, she has embraced the lifestyle and smiles at the thought of the funny paths that life takes you down. She no longer makes excuses about funds, lack of travel partners, or limited vacation days. She’s found a way to advance her career and continue to learn and is no longer concerned about this derailing her options in the long run. Instead, she travels as she works, and she’s loving it. 

From hiking up viewpoints of breathtaking places like Gaia (Portugal) and Teotihuacán (Mexico), to falling in love with one of her favorite cities (Budapest), Joyce has now spent more than two years traveling the globe, and found a way to make peace with the fact that she needs always to expect the unexpected. For someone who used to pride herself on the ability to plan for every possible outcome, this was no easy task. But Joyce eventually learned that traveling, and life in general, is more fun and rewarding when you leave room for unplanned experiences.

Check out her Instagram @joyzcortezand especially her blog BePresent (